Peking University ZGXY Dorm Tour

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Hi there! I have a video for you guys so you can all get a look at the living situation here at the Peking University international student housing. It’s a super nice place and I definitely recommend living here!


UC students usually live in building 3 (there are also building 2,4, and 5) and are usually housed with one other roommate. Everyone has their own room with a shared common area and bathroom between your roommate.


  • water boiler
  • 2 sets of bed sheets
  • closet
  • desks, chairs
  • cleaning ever other day for shared areas
  • laundry room
  • swimming pool, bowling alley underground
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  • Ruby

    I lived in Building 4 last year as well so I thought I would share a few details:
    I had my own room but shared the ‘entrance’ and 1 toilet/1 shower bathroom with 1 person. For 3000 yuan a month right off campus, I thought it was a pretty good deal. I have heard that people in building 5 have to share their own room with 1 person and the whole floor shares 5 or so toilets and showers, but I am not sure about that. To compensate for less privacy and such, I think building 5 is cheaper to live in.
    The water kettle that was in my room on arrival was not very good. After each boil there would be a large amount of white residue at the bottom of the kettle. I did not experience this with a kettle at a previous apt of mine so I ended up buying a new kettle for myself.
    The two sets of bed sheets are great but the problem was there was absolutely no place to hang dry the sheets after a washing. And the time I did wash my sheets the washer “didn’t finish its job” and left several liters of water at the bottom of the washer with the sheets. So when I pulled the sheets out, they were sopping wet. I ended up rushing to my room, laying the sheet over my entire clothes rack and putting little bowls everywhere the water was dripping. Still ended up with a mess.
    The closet is very nice quality imo and so is the desk. The chair is just a folding one with a bit of a cushion. The whole year I desired a nicer chair.
    The cleaning service every other day was really nice.
    In building 4 I believe each floor had 2 ‘laundry rooms’. Each room had 2 washers and 1 dryer. The washers were pretty temperamental but usually got the job done. I had heard rumors about Chinese washers being really rough on clothes so I never put really delicate/important pieces of clothing in there, such as my Angels Baseball jersey. I heard that dryers are even rougher so I never used a dryer my entire year in China.
    The swimming pool and other recreational things are underneath Building 4 and are at a cost. Not free.
    Nevertheless, I really enjoyed living in ZGXY. It is really close to the Chinese Language classrooms and cafeterias and such, as it is just across the street from main campus.

    • Anna Banana

      Thank you for your comment! Yeah, some of the water boilers are a little old and some of my friends ended up getting their own too! We had large racks to hang our sheets and I don’t think I experienced the water residue but maybe it depends on the washer too, and for delicate stuff I just put them into a netted bag and hoped for the best. I agree, it’s a super convenient place. Thank you for you input because I don’t know anyone in building 4 and it’s good to hear more people’s experience on it!

  • Marianna

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