Week 15-16: It’s almost the end!

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(of the world too)

Just kidding, there’s still hope in the world, and we WILL leave behind a healthy Earth for future generations. There are only two more weeks left in the program and one of those is finals week! I’ve been so busy studying, I don’t even remember the places I go anymore so I’ll try to recall my past two weeks through my photo collection. Take photos always, because you never know when things will change forever, never to be seen again~ The world is ever evolving so its important to record all that you see, especially when it’s so easy to do so nowadays.

So it’s finally June, the official start of summer here in Beijing, and according to my Chinese teacher, the day (June 1st) they finally open up the public pools back in the day. The cool summer rains have started and its a welcome change to the grueling sunlight; plus, they make awesome sunsets.


I haven’t done much these last two weeks in regards to my classes. I’ve been studying really hard for finals, and since one of them got pushed back, I’m even more nervous because I’m scared I will forget all the information I learned-coupled with the fact that it’s on a Thursday where I have class all day so I will have no time to stuff myself full of random facts beforehand…

Anyway, to take my mind of finals and to relax a little, I walked around campus many times these past two weeks, taking pictures, avoiding bees, and filming a little video tour that will someday see the light.

Some of our classmates from Chinese class were leaving early since their program was already ending so we had a farewell dinner as well. The Cornell students and some other students in the Perspectives class are leaving this week too. Goodbye good friends!


Highlight of every week is of course, food searching in Beijing. There’s just so much to offer in such a huge city.

TRB Hutong

So TRB is this sort of chain restaurant in Beijing except their three(?) branches are all located in very different and always culturally significant places in the city. I already visited TRB Forbidden City, located outside the east gate of the palace, near the beginning of the program and had amazing service and food there so I was eager to try this one as well.


TRB Hutong is located within a maze of hutong alleys (have fun riding your bike or walking to find it!) near Nanluoguxiang. It’s located inside a carefully renovated temple from the Qing dynasty so not only do you get to enjoy good food, you also get to experience a historical landmark. Outside the restaurant in the courtyard, they often have art exhibits as well.

I came to the restaurant with my friend for lunch (since it’s cheaper haha) and had a three course meal. We ended up getting a lot of free food, like some eel soup and freshly baked madeleines. I would definitely recommend experiencing TRB Hutong. Not only do you get to eat some fun food, you also get to dine within the hutongs in very historically and culturally representative architecture. It’s not everyday you get to eat inside an old temple.

The Rug

As a brunch junkie, it’s basically required that I get brunch at least once each week right? Or maybe multiple times…

This time, I headed to the Sanlitun area to try out The Rug. I was very, very satisfied. They have an extensive menu with everything you could think of for brunch, and it’s all day as well! I ordered enough for two people (Chinese proportion) because I wanted to try everything. Besides being addicted to brunch, I’m also very basic so I ordered an eggs benedict. I also tried their green tea cake and black sesame latte. Everything was so satisfying.

If you’re a food blogger, definitely come here because they’re food presentation is so good.


After than, I went with my friend to a dessert place nearby called “宇.” They served some really light and good dessert there too. Totally photo worthy and taste worthy. They don’t have an English name but they do have an English menu. The interior design is really pretty too. I got a mosquito bite on my eye that day so…sorry if I look like the mosquito reincarnate in the picture.

Tiago Select

I was too lazy to go to the further Tiago’s so I ended up at the one in Xidan which is conveniently located on Subway Line 4. The reviews for Tiago on Dianpin have always been high so I’ve been eyeing it for a long time. Its a good place to get your Spanish food fix…but I do have to admit…it wasn’t AMAZING, although I haven’t tried their pizza yet and that’s their signature dish.


My friends and I went to Houhai on a Friday night and ate at a pretty good and decently priced Japanese restaurant. After dinner we went to the lakeside and started singing outdoor karaoke. A man asked us if we were Korean (why does this keep on happening) and we said no…and then a few songs later…we were singing Gee so I don’t know what he thought of us. Haha, fun times.


This week’s post is pretty short, but I wanted to save a lot of more serious topics for my end of the program review. I’m off to studying again now! Good luck to everyone still in school and for those on summer vacation, have lots of fun and stay safe!

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