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Peking: Restaurants and Cafes
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Okay, this post took longer than expected because I’ve started on GRE and had summer classes. Without further ado, here are some recommendations for food in Beijing to get you all settled in. It’s Anna approved if that means anything.

Peking: Maps and Dianping
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China is a huge country with tons of places to eat! Here is a short guide on how to use the Autonavi Maps and Dianping, the Google Maps and Yelp (kind of) of China.

The Peking Experience
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Here’s my Peking Spring program review post! The program details will cover my experience in Beijing and some tips about being in Beijing and China. Sorry if I don’t get everything because I’m writing this with what I though was … Read More

Week 17-18: Program End
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Hi everyone! This post on the last two weeks of the program took eons to finish because there were so many photos to go through and so many events to review. There was a huge delay because I’ve been trying … Read More

Week 15-16: It’s almost the end!
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(of the world too) Just kidding, there’s still hope in the world, and we WILL leave behind a healthy Earth for future generations. There are only two more weeks left in the program and one of those is finals week! … Read More

Peking University ZGXY Dorm Tour
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Hi there! I have a video for you guys so you can all get a look at the living situation here at the Peking University international student housing. It’s a super nice place and I definitely recommend living here!