Angelina Paris

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With more than 110 years of history, the original Angelina tea house in Paris is a must visit place to have a meal or simply enjoy some desserts. Food is not the only draw here; this original Angelina features a beautiful and intricate interior that will surely add to your enjoyment of the city’s history and culture. The tea house can be found right in front of the Louvre on Rue de Rivoli in the 1st arrondissement. Sometimes there may be a short line outside, but it’s well worth the wait!

What to try:

  • Gambas risotto with herbs, shellfish cream (Lunch Menu)
  • Le Mont-Blanc (Angelina’s signature pastry)
  • Le chocolat chaud à l’ancienne dit “l’Africain”


Menu (may be subject to change and location): 


  • If you need an English menu, just ask the waiter!


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