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When I was picking my accommodation for the PKP program, there was little to no information on how each of the housing choices looked like and what they included so I will try my best here to provide pictures or descriptions so you can make better accommodation choices!

When you are accepted into the PKP program, you will have to pay for accommodation in order to secure your spot and apply for courses. Accommodations are separated into four bands, each with a different price (the higher the band number, the higher the price). You are also divided into King’s or Pembroke College depending on where you live.

  • If you live in King’s, you have meal points for King’s dining commons and cafe and if you have Pembroke, you have meal points for their food accommodations. You can pay in cash or find a friend to swipe you in if you prefer the other college’s food.
  • Our classes were held in the Engineering Department which was closer to Pembroke.

**This is by no means all the accommodation options you have-they are the ones I had the opportunity to see. Will be continuously updated with more.


Bodley’s Court (Band 4 and 5)

There are two types of rooms in Bodley’s Court: singles and sets. Both of them are single occupancy but the sets are made of two rooms-a sleeping room and a living room. Sets are a little bit more expensive, being part of band 5. I myself chose a single in Bodley’s (in room X13) which had a great view of the River Cam.

  • Bodley’s Court is a little old, but the rooms are definitely spacious! I actually really like it.
  • I had a friend in one of the sets, very nice room, but eight people share a restroom and two showers (and the shower doors were see-through). Her bed was a full sized bed compared to the twin size that everyone else gets. Some other dude had a piano in their sitting room.
  • My single was in a suite-like hall where three people shared a restroom, toilet, and kitchen. The toilet was really old and you had to wait five minutes after each person’s turn to flush.
  • Kitchens are a little old and musty compared to other accommodations.
  • It’s one of the most sought after accommodations!!


A and S Staircase (Band 4 and 5)

These two are categorized together but A staircase was recently renovated (in 2016) and if you’re afraid of old buildings and dusty rooms, definitely choose here because everything is brand new. Its right near the entrance of King’s College (literally above the Porters’ Lodge).

  • Carpet is super thick and cushioned.
  • Looks like a hotel, everything is white, white, white.
  • Best kitchen ever, with glass surface electric stoves.
  • Showers and restrooms are really nice and new with lots of places to clean up.
  • Giant windows.
  • S STAIRCASE however is about the same as Bodley’s although I’m not sure if it will be renovated.

Webb’s Court (Band 4) 

Webb’s Court is located in the courtyard with the library in King’s College. If I were to compare, these rooms are in between the age of A Staircase and Bodley’s Court, more towards the A Staircase age (of course the actual buildings are all old). In my opinion, they’re the perfect size and location.

  • Clean, well lit bathrooms.
  • The laundry room is located here (which is shared by Bodley’s and Staircase A so eyy).
  • Really cute and nice rooms.
  • Stairs are pretty new and sturdy. 13555810_10209470457979159_2133957211_o.jpg

Spalding Hostel (Band 4 and 3)

A lot of my friends and my sister lived in this hostel and its a pretty good place to choose. Its not in the actual college but close to it, and you’re placed inside the city instead of behind the gates. It looks around the same age (in terms of renovations) as Webb’s Court with spacious rooms.

  • Laundry room in the building.
  • Easier to make friends because of the setting, but layout can be a little confusing.

Garden Hostel (Band 4 and 3)

The Garden Hostel is relatively new as well (built in 2001). However, it is behind King’s College so it is a little further from everything.  If you like cows, then Garden Hostel is your place to be.



Fitzwilliam Street Hostel (Band 3)

Really nice and spacious rooms although street level rooms can be noisy at times. I though they were the perfect size and everything is really clean in there.


Trumpington Street Hostel (Band 3)

This hostel is super close to the Engineering Department so if you suck at waking up, this is the hostel for you! It’s really similar to the Fitzwilliam ones.


Prices in 2016 (credit to PKP):

Band 1: £1,471

Band 2: £1,730

Band 3: £2,028

Band 4: £2,208

Band 5: £2,349

Here are some pictures of formal and normal food that you get at King’s College!




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