Week 5: I finally went to a K-Pop concert

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Wow, time is passing by so fast and I haven’t even completed this week’s readings yet. I’m kidding, I finished all my homework on time woo~ Week 5 passed by quicker than Infinite’s van when they left the concert venue and September is almost over! The days have cooled down now, although you will still break out in sweat walking to class (from going uphill or from being nervous, who knows). As the title says…I finally went to a K-Pop concert in Korea.

Honestly, I feel like memory retention skills (I was like memory retaining-skills? retainer? Pokemon trainer? ) are getting worse and worse because I don’t remember what happened this past week besides the K-Pop concert because I spent a whole day at the venue. I was trying to calculate the money my friends owed me for spotting them and they literally told me the prices two seconds ago and I’m still running the numbers (which are slowly getting erased as I type) through my head.

Anyhow…I’ll try my best.

Monday through Thursday were just classes after classes. I didn’t fall asleep for once so my habits are slowly but surely changing. My friend and I met up with our LE buddy, who we nicknamed ‘Andrew’ but we haven’t told him that yet…oops. We ate some taro and oranges together and bless him because fruits are much more expensive here compared to California-we are most defnitely spoiled by cheap produce prices! Friday, we went to the Hangangs (we are getting into a habit of adding an ‘s’ behind every Korean word) again, but this time instead of Banpo Bridge, we went to Yeouido Park because we thought there would be food trucks there but false advertisement. We ended up halfway to starvation before going to this Korean restaurant near Times Square and drank this amazing squid and bean sprout soup (kongnamul guk/콩나물국). I swear that was the most vegetables we ate in as many weeks we have been in Korea. Eating healthy is hard.

Friday and Saturday were actually the YonKo games or KoYon games depending on which side you’re on. It’s an annual sports competition between Yonsei and Korea University which I should’ve probably gone to but didnt…bad child. It’s THE event of the semester to go to, but anyway, Yonsei won rugby and lost/tied for all the other sports. I’m bitter. It’s crazy fun and there’s a lot of school spirit there. I had my ARC appointment and class so I wasn’t able to go.

Saturday, my friends and I headed out early in the morning to grab tickets for the INK (Incheon Kpop?) Concert. We went to take pictures of the Olympic Park since we needed proof of tourism to get our tickets but when we got to the venue, they didn’t even check lol…we could’ve gotten better seats then. The concert was fun, although Korean audiences, and Asian audiences from experience, are a lot more calm compared to American audiences. We went there for Infinite, who just released their new song, ‘The Eye,’ and got to experience that SM fandom power with all the Shawols in the audience. Holy cow, their fanchants sent chills down my spine. Really nice experience! IOI didn’t sing live though which I was sad about. Also got to see EXID, AOA, GFriend, Shinee, Red Velvet, K-Will, J-Min and Got7. Pretty good line-up! Also, there was KNK who really impressed me with their live vocals.

P.S. there are literally free K-Pop concerts every week here for all you K-Pop fans!

After the concert, I tried soondae for the first time with my friend. Pretty good! We also saw some hot security guards (maybe because they were wearing tight black uniforms? LOL) on our train and we were so obvious and embarrassing HAHA. We made it back to Honggik University through the Airport Express but Line 2 was closed, and the bus back to Yonsei was also closed so we ended up walking home from Hongdae. Really easy navigation so if you ever find yourself too late or early for public transport, don’t worry, it’s literally a straight walk back.

Sunday, we went to this all you can eat BBQ place in Sinchon and decided that despite the many KBBQs we ate in America, we really aren’t BBQ fans because we can’t eat that much meat. We grabbed Gongcha afterwards to make ourselves feel better (tea anyone?) and headed home and that was the end of week 5!

**note to self: bring the camera out


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