Guide to Visiting Cambridge

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When you get to Cambridge (most likely from London, and mostly likely by train), there’s going to be tons of taxis waiting for you to hop on or even the giant double-decker bus ready to gather unknowing tourists into its exhaust-spewing belly. Don’t take any of form of these public transport because the best way to explore Cambridge is by foot (or by bike…but you really don’t need one and you would have to compete with the pro-college student bikers). 

King’s College

First order of business is King’s College. King’s College and King’s College Chapel are the icons of of Cambridge (and also Trinity College but we will get to that later) and so it’s always super busy there. The college is around a twenty minute walk from the train station. To get into King’s College and the Chapel, you will need to buy tickets first at the King’s College souvenir shop across the street from the college’s gatehouse. Don’t try to get in without a ticket because you will be caught and turned away most definitely haha. Once you get your ticket, you can go into the Chapel, and then walk around the grounds of King’s College-but don’t enter the areas that say ‘Private’ and don’t step on the grass.

King’s College was founded in 1441 and is actually built over the original town center of Cambridge (which was then moved to the current Market Square area) because King Henry VI was like screw the city center, I want my college here and that’s where it’s going to be haha. King’s College Chapel is famous for its English Gothic style architecture and fan vaults which are amazing to behold.

Please be respectful to the students and employees working at King’s College. There are tons of other tourists there (the most out of all the colleges) and it can get noisy and super crowded. Try to use indoor voices and follow the rules!

Address: King’s Parade, Cambridge CB2 1ST, United Kingdom

Opening times

Clare College

Clare College is right next to King’s College and you should get there by exiting King’s BAc Gate. If I got to choose a college to go to, it would be Clare. It’s one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge and it’s so, so beautiful. It may be small, but what it lacks in size is made up by a wonderful environment with amazing gardens and architecture. I would always come here when I was feeling stressed about class.

Address:  Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TL, United Kingdom

Queens’ College and Punting Tour

After Clare College, you should head out to Queens’ College which is right next door to King’s. There, you can access the Mathematical Bridge as well as cross the river to take pictures of King’s College and Bodley’s Court which is one of King’s most well known student accomodations. After visiting Queen’s you can head down to the punting tours where you can choose to punt yourself (it’s pretty tiring but really fun) or have a guide take you down the River Cam.

Address: Queens College, Silver St, Cambridge CB3 9ET, United Kingdom

Punt tours:

Lunch at The Cambridge Chop House

After the fun and refreshing, or sweaty tour depending if you chose self-punting (is that a word) or a punt tour, head back out onto the main street in front of King’s College called Trumpington Street to eat at The Cambridge Chop House. They offer good set course meals or you can order whatever you want separately. There’s plenty of seating, with two floors and outdoors and super clean.

For more restaurant options, please refer to this post: (will be updated)


Market Square and Trinity College

After lunch, you should head to the Market Square to browse through the many stalls there offering really cheap goods or if you want some dessert, to bet some Aromi gelato which tastes like you are eating clouds. Then, head to Trinity College which is another iconic college in Cambridge. Trinity College is one of the richest, if not the richest college in Cambridge and it’s big fancy lawn says it all. The architecture is super nice too. Sadly my camera didn’t want to take any pictures that day when I finally got of my ass to go there, but it was nice enjoying the view there!

Address: Trinity College, Cambridge CB2 1TQ, United Kingdom

Jesus College

I was debating whether to post Jesus College or not since it is a much less touristy college due to its location. If you do choose to go here, PLEASE PLEASE keep quiet and don’t step on the lawn once again. DO NOT ride the horse statue either. Jesus College is a good college to check out since it’s quiet different from King’s and Trinity. It’s much more private and there are lots of open spaces within the college that is a lot of more relaxing. It’s worth checking out but be respectful.

By the way, their mascot is the rooster (cock) so lots of those jokes there haha.

Address: Jesus Ln, Cambridge CB5 8BL, United Kingdom


Fitzbillies is a super cute cafe, and famous for it’s Chelsea Rolls. It was the place to go during my stay in Cambridge, but it can be a bit pricey. I think its worth the visit though. #aesthetics

I really like their Raspberry Sundae because of the little fruits and macaron they put on there and also the ice cream is A+.


Corpus Christi and Pembroke College

The last stops of my Cambridge tour are Corpus Christi and Pembroke College as well as the Fitzwilliam Museum. For Corpus Christi you can just take pictures of it’s main lawn from their giant door unless you want to visit the chapel inside and Pembroke is always free. Pembroke is definitely worth going to because if King’s College is grand and museum-like, then Pembroke is like home. The college is super pretty and the clock tower is just beautiful. I really loved staying there to hang out with friends while attending Cambridge even though I was a King’s student (I betrayed my own nation, I must be exiled haha just kidding).

Fitzwilliam Museum may not be huge, but it’s collection is really nice and worth checking out, especially the French Impressionists!

Addresses: Pembroke~ Cambridge CB2 1RF, United Kingdom; Corpus Christi~ Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RH, United Kingdom; Fitzwilliam Museum: Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RB, United Kingdom





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