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Here is a short overview with oh my gosh…pictures of Yonsei international student accommodations. First thing to note is that this post does not include the newly built dorms which are now open for application for the upcoming semester. All I can say about them is that they look super awesome and 10/10 would recommend the new dorms too. THEY HAVE GARDENS AND COURTYARDS!

I House (International House)

I House is the oldest international dorm available. It has only doubles and is slightly cheaper.


  • There is a fridge in each room.
  • You don’t need to clean your toilet.
  • Small kitchen and lounge on each floor.
  • Lots of storage space in room.


  • Entire floor shares public restrooms and showers available on each floor which can get really dirty, especially on the weekends.
  • Older rooms.
  • Thin walls.


  • Floors are separated by gender and opposite gender can absolutely not be on each other’s floor at any time.
  • Connected to SK Global on 4th and 5th floor (for girls, not sure about guys) with key access required from SK Global on 5th floor (you need your friend from I House to key you in from their side).
  • AC and heater provided according to season.
  • Sheets provided.
  • Laundry Room available.
  • Computer Room.

SK Global

SK Global is a relatively newer dorm (second generation in regards to the even newer dorms) and offers single and double rooms.




  • In-room restroom and shower. For singles, both are in a single room together, for doubles the restroom is on one side of the entryway and the shower on the other.
  • Newer amenities.
  • Large lounge.
  • Nice gym.
  • Many study rooms available on each floor.


  • You have to clean your own restroom.
  • More expensive.
  • Really strict card entry system with scary security.
  • Large kitchen on B3 level with lots of fridge…but only kitchen in the building and lots of food and utensil theft.
  • Less storage spots in room.
  • Singles have a fridge but not doubles.


  • Floors are also separated by gender but opposite gender is allowed on the floor until 11PM, although not in rooms.
  • Laundry available, including dry cleaning.
  • Computer Room.
  • Sheets provided.
  • AC and heater according to season.

    Mind the ugly selfie and room HAHA, it was finals week.


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