Week 5: New Classes and Exploring

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The second module has started and its the beginning of the last leg of the program. Time passed really quickly. Anyhow, here’s a catalogue of my thoughts on my new class and some trial and error things I’ve been exploring HAHA.

New Classes: 

Classes started Tuesday and luckily I had only one class. Unluckily, it was in the last time slot which is from 4:45PM-6:00PM so for a hungry pig like me, that means running back from the engineering department as soon as class ends so I can eat my ass off. Going back to only one class, here’s an outline of the cost and benefits between the three modules:

  • Two module 1s, one module 3: First half of the program will be hell but last half will be easy and you get to leave early (module 3 finals are a week before module 2).
  • One module 1, one module 2, and one module 3: Wow you’re so balanced, its like ying and yang but really don’t you want at least one half of the program to be relaxing haha.
  • Two module 2s, one module 3: Why do you want to kill yourself. There are no benefits to this.
  • Two module 3s, one module 1/one module 2: This is alright, no real benefits or losses.

The module 2 class I chose was Development of the City with Professor Nick Bullock. The professor is awesome and the class is quite interesting, covering the changing of the city (London) from one that was built without state control, to one that became a planned city before delving into the development of the city into the 20th century. I was going to take pass/no pass for this but it might apply into my minor so I decided not to. Only thing I’m scared of is that it includes some economics and I am TERRIBLE at economics.

Anyways I have a funny story to tell about the class.  Our professor couldn’t make it to our scheduled time on Thursday so everything got rescheduled to Friday (and to a different classroom). Everyone in my seminar arrived on time for the class and we all just sat there for thirty minutes before deciding that he wasn’t coming. We took a selfie as a proof shot of our attendance (yay for Snapchat and timestamps) and signed all our names before sending him an email. That afternoon, when we met him in front of the Department of Architecture for our lecture, he simply told us “find the room with the selfie” and lo and behold, our selfie was put onto the giant projector screen for all to see. #classbonding

Didn’t do much the rest of the school week. Switching from two to one class is like woah where did all this time come from. Hence why I painted and repainted my nails five times. I haven’t painted my nails by myself since third grade so I’m not exactly nail polish master. They came out okay I guess but hopefully people don’t notice that it’s all over my skin.


It rained a lot this week but Saturday was fine and I did a little exploring with my new GoPro and I realized that I suck at holding a camera because all my videos are really shaky and I seem to only know the adjectives “pretty” and “beautiful” (I mean everything is just flowers here, what else can you use to describe them). Sigh…I’ll practice. I took a lot of shameless selfies in Clare College which is right next to King’s and free to enter if you have the student ID card. There are less tourists there and a lot of more color. Speaking of which, this one Saturday may have had the most tourists  at King’s I’ve ever seen through the entire program. When I was grabbing brunch (thank you for the free extra piece of bacon lunchman), there was literally no more walkway- the entire front lawn was filled with tourists.

Back to Clare College. So after I shamelessly took a hundred selfies next to the two lines of lavender (I mean, who has the time to go to Hitchin Lavender Fields am I right? Just kidding, go if you have time), it started to get super sunny and since I am a giant nerd who never sees the sun, it was go time for me. The gate between King’s and Clare was open so I was super happy because that meant I didn’t need to go all the way around the front or back gate again. I’m casually strolling in with a bunch of tourists and with my lanyard and ID card (kids, always wear your ID card here), I decided to head diagonally towards my dorm. Yeah…bad idea because next thing I know the King’s College guard is trying to grab me through the throng of tourists as I’m raising my lanyard in the air yelling “I HAVE MY ID CARD! I GO HERE! PLEASE! I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO MY ROOM” while he’s yelling “GET BACK HERE! HEY! STOP! YOU NEED TO PAY! HEY!” After a while he finally noticed me frantically choking myself with my lanyard as I raised it in the air and I was finally let through.


Finally, I was able to escape the confines of college town Cambridge (I love you Cambridge but in the end, I’m a city girl…I’m sorry). I made a reservation for Fortnum & Mason at their Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for 12:15PM. I got to Piccadilly Circus at around 11:00AM and saw a bunch of people outside Waterstones and was wondering why before it struck me…the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out today-flashback to 2007 when I was a baby (not really) and fought my way to the stack of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Costco.

Since there was plenty of time before my reservation, I went down to Carnaby Street to stock up on my Muji pens which are way cheaper in Asia but I really need them for class so yeah. Also considered shaping my caterpillars at the Benefit store but nah I got to save money, and browsed American Apparel. Even though I live in LA, the only times I’ve ever gone into American Apparel are always in a different country. I also dropped by Ladurée and man does the one in London need to pick up their macaron game because they hella flat. Back to Paris it is.

Finally couldn’t help myself and went to Fortnum & Mason early. I was the first one seated (because I’m not only a party of one, I booked the entire salon. I’m so cool) and it was super awkward because I was once again taking a lot of selfies and all the waiters were basically just serving me. I ordered their normal afternoon tea set for £44. It’s all you can eat/drink and I tried their Royal Blend, Green Jasmine, Green Tea with Elderflower (my favorite, but my super Asian parents would not), and Green Sencha Tea. I prefer green tea because it makes me feel better and after so many weeks of only black tea, I felt like I was in heaven. I can’t eat a lot so I couldn’t use the £44 worth although there was a dessert with gold on top of it. I really liked the environment there and the service was excellent. 10/10 would recommend, and bring a friend so you can pig out together.

After Fortnum & Mason, I headed over to Knightsbridge for a pedicure at Knightsbridge Nail & Beauty. I found the place online and didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never in my life gotten a pedicure before but I was really happy with the results. The lady who cleaned my foot and nails probably felt like she was cleaning of the River Spirit in Spirited Way. I’m sorry man… So now my nails and toenails match for summer! I also briefly walked through Harrods which was super crowded and I got lost in it.

I got back on the Tube and went to Holborn Station for dinner at Ichiryu Udon. Udon is my favorite kind of noodle and I was really craving it. The set up at Ichiryu is super nice and the food came out really quickly. I got their green tea (yay) and Niku Beef. I was super hungry and I quite liked it since there was an egg in the soup (another favorite food of mine).

And so this concludes Week 5 of PKP!


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